Usage Policy

  • Every member or candidate must have a valid non private ASN and use BGP4 for peerings.
  • Every member must peer with both IPv4 and IPv6 space.
  • Peering relationships between members themselves aren’t regulated by GAVLIX. Every member is responsible for arranging peering agreements with other members.
  • GAVLIX is an IX for everyone with an open minded peering policy but you don’t have to transit.
  • GAVLIX doesn’t offer hosting services on GAVLIX POPs so only cables (fiber) will be allowed from members.
  • GAVLIX cannot be responsible for direct or indirect consequential loss, loss of profits, business, revenue, goodwill, or anticipated savings resulting from a GAVLIX service outage.
  • IPv4/IPv6 address space assigned to GAVLIX members shall not be advertised to other networks. Members shall not use other IP subnet over GAVLIX peering LAN and shall not connect other devices than necessary BGP router.
  • GAVLIX connected interfaces must only use IP addresses and netmasks (prefix lengths) assigned to them by GAVLIX.
    Bad features like ProxyARP, Spanning-tree, IGMP, CDP, LLDP, IPX, DECNET, IPv6 RA etc. aren’t allowed and should be disabled.
  • We encourage everyone, no matter their experience and knowledge, to please have a look at this great guide at AMS-IX for general information and configuration guidance.

Please contact GAVLIX for more information.